Girls Coaches

Head Coach

Pat Bonner

Girls Non-Traveling Coaching Staff (2017 Season)

Team Coach Email
  12-Lauryn Lauryn Andrew  
  12-Armando Armando Fry  
  6th Grade Dylann Ceriani Piper Ceriani Jillian Hahnlen Kasey Altman Anastasia Hicker  
  7th Grade Don Pursley Kasey Altman Brandon Venn Casey Donnelly Janell Crow  
  8th Grade Roxanne Hamilton Katie Barton Jillian Hahnlen Daniela Sanchez Anastasia Hicker  
  9th Grade Keenan Walch Stephanie Lage Crystal Cuevas Daniela Sanchez Laura Hendrickson  

Epic Volleyball Club continues to interview enthusiastic qualified applicants. For more information, to send an email to Epic's Head Coach, Pat Bonner, or you can call him at 858-486-5228.

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