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Girls Non-Travel Teams


Epic offers a Non-Traveling volleyball program (sometimes referred to as a "Local" program) for girls in 11th grade and below of all experience levels. It starts in November and runs for seven months until the end of May.

Practices take place once a week, in a group format, by grade.  Each group practices from 4:30 to 6:30PM or 6:30-8:30PM.  The practice days are as follows:

Age Group Time Start Date
6th Grade & Below *Mondays 4:30-6:30pm Nov 4th
7th Grade Tuesdays 4:30-6:30pm Nov 5th
8th Grade Wednesdays 4:30-6:30pm Nov 6th
9th Grade & Above *Mondays 6:30-8:30pm Nov 4th


* Note: The Monday group will have practice sessions on Martin Luther King Day, Jan 20th and on Presidents Day, Feb 17th.

Spring Break: Because the various school districts have different weeks off for their Spring Breaks, practices continue as usual during this time frame.

Each age group has a head coach who directs the practice and oversees the other coaches.

Seven times during the season, Epic teams are formed by grade and these teams participate in a one-day tournament held at the Epic facility. Non-traveling teams from other clubs also participate. Clubs that have participated in Epic Local Tournaments include: Coast, Club Escondido, Flash 619, SoCal, Forza 1, Temecula Viper, La Jolla, La Jolla Knights, Torreys, Ramona, Sunset, Summit, ECVBA, Genuine, and Club Pacific.

There are no tryouts for this program and no prior experience is needed. All players are welcome and will be placed in the appropriate group by grade. A player can be added to this program at any time during the season. To sign up, click on the button below, fill in the electronic form, and then just show up at the next practice session for the appropriate grade level.

19-20 Fee Schedule



Dec Jan














Monthly Fee


$130* $175






Monthly Totals


$130 $175






What the Fees Cover

Uniforms: 1 Jersey, 1 pair spandex, 2 practice t-shirts, and a backpack.

Monthly fee: Coaches, facilities, administration, tournament entry and equipment.

*Groups will only practice the first 3 weeks of Nov. & Dec.

Payment Schedule
  • Invoices will be sent out electronically via email at the beginning of the month. Each month's fees are due by the 10th of that month.
  • An option to pay by credit card will be available.
  • Players will not be allowed to practice or play in tournaments if fees are not current.

The Registration "Girls Non-Travel Teams" is not currently available.

Girls 8th grade and below Fall Training Program

Epic Volleyball Club is offering a fall program for girls 8th grade and below who are interested in learning the skills of volleyball. Girls in grades 9 thru 12 may participate provided they are not on a high school volleyball team. Our goal is to provide a fun experience that develops an interest in the sport. This program is a good starting point for girls who are interested in playing later in high school and on more advanced traveling club volleyball teams. Players can attend as few or as many of the sessions as they want and can join the program at any time.

The program runs Mondays and Wednesdays, August 6th-October 10th.  The cost is $20 per session or $340 for all 20 sessions.

The Registration "Girls Non-Travel Teams" is not currently available.

Girls Fall Middle School Program

This program is for girls 8th grade and under to be trained in a competitive, team style format. With the absence of local middle school volleyball programs, we look forward to providing the girls with an opportunity to continue training and competing during the fall. Teams will be formed based on skill level, and will be provided with a fixed coach who will lead them in practices twice a week, and five tournaments in our facility. This format will allow the girls to be exposed to the same techniques and drills used by our Traveling Team staff, just as they would during our club season. In addition to practicing all of the essential skills and fundamentals, the girls will benefit immensely from learning team offensive and defensive systems. Our Fall Non-Traveling Team program will help prepare the girls for Traveling Tryouts, and will allow the girls to stay sharp for our upcoming season.

The program will begin Aug 7th and run through October 21st.  The cost for the program is $800, payable in 2 payments.

The Registration "Girls Non-Travel Teams" is not currently available.

Girls Fall High School Program

With so many student-athletes trying out for their High School Volleyball Programs, it is an inevitable fact that many High School age girls will be without a place to compete. We are happy to offer a program for those who wish to continue their volleyball training here at Epic. We will be assigning a permanent coach to groups of no more than ten (by skill level), much as we would during the club season. These training groups will average two practices per week, and will benefit from the consistency of a small group atmosphere with a fixed coach who will cater to the needs of the group. The girls will be taught in a team setting, and will receive training comparable to what they would receive at their respective High School. The curriculum will include essential coverage of all the skills associated with youth volleyball, as well as competitive match type drills in a fun, energetic setting . This will serve a great opportunity to improve individual skills while learning to thrive in a team environment. This program will lead up to the week before Club Tryouts begin, keeping them sharp for the start of Club Season.

The program will run August 6th-October 21st.  The cost is $800, payable in 2 payments.

For more information on any Epic programs, you can click here to send an email to Epic's Head Coach, Pat Bonner, or you can call him at 858-486-5228.